Why should you hire a digital marketing consultant? As a start up or small business you probably already are overwhelmed with customers, paperwork and other things that you will need to focus on to keep your business running.


Most of the time small businesses:

  • Don’t have the time to manage and grow their company’s online presence.
  • Have tons of ideas for social media and blog posts, but lack the time or technical skills to implement them.
  • Want to bulk up their marketing team, but don’t want the expense of recruiting, hiring and paying salary/benefits.
  • Aren’t sure where to focus their marketing dollars to get the best results for a low price and improve their ROI.
  • Need to increase their sales in the quickest amount of time and have little patience for experimentation.


Who should hire a digital marketing consultant?

  • Little or stagnant website traffic
  • Poor or outdated branding
  • No presence on social media sites
  • Inconsistent blogging or social media posting
  • Weak sales conversions
  • Cost per acquisition too high
  • Paid advertising not working
  • No content marketing strategy

Do you need help with your marketing strategies?